Review: Kindle Leather Cover
Monday, January 3, 2011 at 11:50AM
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By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Two of the best features of the Amazon Kindle 3 are its slim size and light weight but we found these to be disadvantages as well since the device feels quite fragile. Thankfully, Kindle 3 users don't have to look very far for a perfect case as the Kindle Leather Cover adds protection, a dash of style and maintains the device's low profile.

Selling for US $40.00 The Kindle Leather Cover isn't cheap, but it is the sort of accessory that is worth every cent. It snaps on to the device's proprietary lock mechanism in seconds and suddenly turn s your exposed eBook reader into a smart looking leather-bound notebook like the popular Moleskines.

Once installed, the Kindle Leather Cover is decisively snug and while we found the cover a little stiff, we can say that it fits the Kindle 3 Perfectly. You have access to all the necessary ports and buttons as well as the back and forth buttons that are the most used for navigation.

Closing the Kindle Leather Cover protects most of the device as a small rubber band wraps around and serves as a way to keep it shut. When in use, the Kindle Leather Cover makes it look like you are reading an actual print book, which helps turn attention away from the Kindle itself. It is an elegant and effective solution.

Build quality of the Kindle Leather Cover is impressive but not surprising considering what it costs. The leather grain feels premium yet sturdy and the gray felt interior is plush enough to baby the screen and casing of the Kindle 3. The stitching is most noticeably well executed and is usually the first tell-tale sign of poor manufacturing.

The Kindle Leather cover is offered in a variety of colours including the much preferred black, burgundy red, apple green, steel blue, hot pink, chocolate brown and burnt orange. You can order them directly from although we procured our case in a Target, during a recent visit to the US.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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