Google Chrome 18 now available
Friday, March 30, 2012 at 3:05AM
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Google Chrome 18 is now available. The new version features improved graphics performance on both new and older hardware patches to various security holes. The update can be enabled within existing Chrome browsers from the wrench logo> About Google Chromes> Check for New Version. New users can simply download Chrome.

“Today’s web brings beautiful, rich experiences right into your browser,” wrote Vangelis Kokkevis, Google's “Chrome Graphics Olympian,” on Wednesday announcing the new release. “With Chrome’s most recent Stable channel release, we’ve sped up graphics and drawing performance for users on capable hardware, and enabled fancier 3D content for other users on older computers.”

Many of the bugs resolved by the new update were discovered during a Google sanctioned contest where coders debugged the browser for cash.

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