Review: SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick
Saturday, December 19, 2015 at 8:38AM
Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla in Reviews, SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick, Storage, USB 2.0, accessories

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

As a frequent traveller and someone who has to use various smartphones, notebooks and tablets for work and evaluation, keeping the files I am working on handy continues to be a challenge. The SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick is an essential for me as portable and wirelessly accessible storage.

Storage costs a lot when it is installed in a smartphone, tablet or PC. Just look at the price difference between 32GB to 64GB or 128GB versions. Yet, when you look at the plunging cost of microSD storage, things sure don't seem to add up. It seems smartphone and PC companies are trying to take advantage of consumers by overpricing the higher storage options and forcing users to pay exorbitant amounts for double the storage.

Unless you're hell bent on keeping every song and photo you own on your phone, there are options. One of the best ones I have found so far is SanDisk's Wireless Connect Stick. This tiny USB flash drive has ample USB 2.0 transfer rates when connected to a PC or a Mac.

This is a wireless stick, which means that you can use WiFi to access and stream movies, videos or transfer files. It is ideal for travel since up to three devices can access it simultaneously and it is good for around 4.5 hours of streaming on a full charge, which is pretty decent for long-haul travel.

The best thing about the SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick is that the free iOS and Android apps work really well and make it easy to access and connect to your files from any mobile device. Not bad for something that costs around US $55 for the 64GB version or US $99 for the 128GB version. 

If your smartphone or tablet is running out of storage or if you are working on various machines, the SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick is a smart option as a portable repository. I use mine to catch up on shows or favourite movies while travelling as well as to back up files and photos. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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