Zivix’s jamstik+ now teaches you to play 1,000 popular songs with Musopia partnership 
Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 9:49PM
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Zivix, the technology company with a mission to make music accessible to everyone, today announced a new partnership with and Musopia, makers of the popular FourChords Guitar Karaoke App. The collaboration adds full jamstik+ integration into the app, and players learning with the jamstik+ will now be able to learn more than 1000 popular songs in a simple, fun and interactive way.
The jamstik+ is a portable Bluetooth MIDI controller which can be paired with an iPhone, iPad or Mac and be used to control various sounds. It its an ideal guitar learning tool for chords and strumming and it can also serve to control various MIDI and synthesized instruments and loops. 
“Many of our users are first-time guitar players, and after they learn the basics and their first chords with our jamTutor app series, FourChords is the perfect next step for them to start playing their favorite songs,” said Matt Cannon, producer at Zivix LLC. “What’s better motivation to keep learning an instrument than playing your favorite song?”
"New technology provides interesting possibilities to accelerate the learning process, " said Topi Löppönen, chief executive officer, Musopia. "By combining the new ways of learning chords with jamstik+ as well as learning to play entire songs with FourChords, we can offer an incredibly fast track for users to play their favorite music in record time!"
Additional Features of the jamstik+:
·         Infrared light-sensing technology “sees” finger placement and provides real-time feedback
·         Includes Free Apps, jamTutor guitar lesson series, jamstik+ and jamMix
·         Ultra-portable & lightweight, making it ideal to practice or create music anywhere
·         Quiet: Plug headphones into the iPhone or iPad and no one will hear it but you
·         Loud: Plug your favorite speaker into the iPhone and iPad and rock out for a crowd
·         Compatible with GarageBand® and hundreds of other existing MIDI apps
·         Real strings, real frets and real transferable skills… And never needs tuning
·         New picking system: Fishman Magnetic Pickup, increased response and expression
Beginning in September 2015, customers who purchase a jamstik+ will receive a free 30 day VIP subscription to the FourChords App, included in the box ordered at retail or online.  The FourChords app can be downloaded here on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad. 


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