Amazon tipped to be working on a messaging app
Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 11:08PM
Nicole Batac in Amazon, Amazon Anytime, Apps & Launches, Leaks, Mobile, News

Whether we want another messaging app or not, it looks like we’re getting one. Amazon is reportedly working on its own service and they’re calling it “Anytime by Amazon.” The company is sending out surveys to its customers about the service to find out what features are important to them. The app will supposedly use your Amazon account as your login and it’ll be encrypted. Anytime will supposedly have mobile and desktop clients and might include things like being able to make reservations and listen to music from within the app.

The image above from AFTVnews shows the possible features that might show up on Anytime. There isn’t any indication in the survey when Amazon plans to release this but we won’t be surprised if that happens soon.

Source: Android Police

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