Google boosts offline translation chops of Translate app with AI
Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 12:36AM
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Google shows how NMT improves the app's translating capabilities

Google Translate’s latest update brings a boost of intelligence (the artificial kind) when you use it offline. The company is making its previously online-only neural machine translation (NMT) technology available for offline use. What NMT technology does is that it takes a more nuanced approach to translating. It looks at entire phrases instead of using individual words so it can create more precise translations of phrases.

It’ll be coming to 59 languages in the coming days and each language set won’t take up much space as download file sizes are between 35MB and 45MB. You can download these language packs by going to the offline translation settings on the Translate app and tapping on the arrow next to the language you want to download. If you’ve downloaded this in the past, a banner will appear on the home screen to let you know where you can update your offline files.

Source: Gizmodo UK + CNET

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