Review: No Ruff Sleeps with the Casper Dog Bed 
Monday, August 27, 2018 at 9:30AM
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By Sonya Davidson

Casper has been a game-changer in the sleep industry. Their investment and research into creating a sound sleep for humans have resulted in great reviews across the board. And gone are the days we have to put aside to “test” out mattresses.

Their 100-day test allows for consumers to really give a mattress a fair assessment instead of the few minutes you spend jumping from display to display. Now Casper has been expanding to include products like pillows, bedsheets and bed for our furry friends. We had a chance to test out a Casper Dog Bed recently with our puppy tester, Harley (@harleythecuriouscorgi) to see if it lives up to the claims. 

Research & Technology:

This dog bed is designed with dog behaviour in mind. Their site tells us that they went through 110 prototypes, 460 hours of laboratory testing and 11 months of dog sleep studies before introducing this to the market. The mattress is a pressure-relieving memory foam to offer a comfortable sleep. The surface is created to mimic the sensation of pawing loose earth - an instinct that dogs have in search of cooler ground and to brush away before resting. 


There are three sizes available for pets and anticipating the puppy’s growth somewhere to be around 25 lbs fully grown, we opted for the medium size. The site offers recommendations as well. Experienced dog owners would tell you that it's better to give young pups a smaller, cozier space to feel safer. We've been lucky that our pup has been surprisingly adaptable. Besides, most puppies will chew through most bedding pads before hitting adulthood so we crossed our fingers hoping that this will outlast this stage and committed to the larger size. We brought Harley home from the breeder's at 10 weeks old we decided to crate train him for sleeping through the night. No problem. He did so right from the night he came to our home. But during the day, we provided a mat in the kitchen area as well as the Casper bed in the living room where he can lounge around and take daytime naps and continue to do so. The medium size bed he will grow into in no time. 

Set up:

The Casper Dog Bed was easy enough to assemble. Four bolsters, a centre mattress insert, and a cover came in the kit. This took a minute. Plus, it’s an attractive modern design that fits nicely along with our lifestyle and we can take it with us when we visit friends and family. 

Durability & Cleaning:

We’ve seen our puppy tear through the cushion pads lining his crate and have gone through several already. He’s also torn through toys and pillows. The Casper Dog Bed has proven to hold up to his digging and chewing instincts. We’ve had him for just over 3.5 months now and there’s not one rip or tear anywhere thanks to the materials used. Cleaning is simple. The cover can be removed easily and tossed in the washing machine and dried on low cycle. 


We’re always looking into the details and the Casper Dog Bed must have had dog owners in mind. The top of the bed, when assembled, gives a slight bolster around the edge giving a “pillow” like feeling for the dog which he loves. We also are appreciative of the thought put into the zipper casing that is hidden from his curious eyes and mouth. The fabric used is holding up even with his relentless pursuit of anything fluffy. The bed also comes in three neutral and soothing colours to choose from. We opted for the gray. 

What does Harley think?

He's just over six months old now and when given the choice he'll choose to chill out and nap on the Casper bed numerous times throughout the day when we’re not being crated. It’s safe to say that he is quite comfortable on it as he not only naps on it but will often take his coveted-toy-of-the-moment to it and play. When we say “bed” he immediately goes to the Casper. Eventually, when we're all ready he’ll transition fully onto the Casper Bed and out of the crate. Can't wait!


Yes, it’s a bit pricier (small bed starting at $150 CDN) than the average dog bed you would find at the pet store but the Casper Dog Bed’s lasting power will save you money in the long run. Available at


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