Review: Bissell CrossWave PetPro Multi-Surface Cleaner streamlines everyday cleaning for pet owners
Monday, September 17, 2018 at 3:22PM
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By Sonya Davidson

If you asked me anytime before this spring about all the pet gadgets and household items out in the market, I would have completely laughed and thought “boy, these pet owners are suckers and will buy anything.” I would question every product and ask “really, is that even necessary?” But then it happened. We caved. Our family decided to add a little furry friend into our home. Visions of snuggling up to a 10-week old corgi was going to be a reality. We fell in love with a litter of pups and tossed every logical notion aside. Corgis are not too common in our neighbourhood full of designer non-shedding, hypo-allergenic dogs. But we like to be a little different and we all agreed that it's just dog hair. How bad could it be? We could deal with it. Plus we chose one that had black with some white fur that, in my mind, wouldn't be so terrible given that I wear a lot of black. The blonde corgi hair would be more noticeable. I had convinced myself that we would be totally fine. 

Then little Harley settled into our family and yes, he's a shedder.  I found myself vacuuming twice a day. Then I had the urge to wash the floors pretty much every day thanks to puppy teething/drooling and him just being a puppy and slobbering. It was also spring when he came which meant bringing in his wet puppy paws often. I was very aware of "that" wet puppy dog smell. I'm not even sure I'm completely use to that smell yet and he's now seven months old.

I remembered being asked if I was interested in testing out the Bissell CrossWave PetPro Multi-Surface Cleaner. At that time, the puppy hadn't officially entered our home so I brushed it off. Pfft! again, thinking it's not necessary. Then the weeks starting rolling and his shedding increased. Checking in with my corgi Facebook groups I realized that this was the new reality. The amount of time I spent vacuuming and cleaning the floors was unreal. I officially became obsessed with cleaning up after this furball. 

I quickly got my hands on this  hand-held cleaner in hopes that it will make my life easier and more efficient. As soon as the box arrived I spent no time in setting it up. Here's are my thoughts...

What is it? The Bissell CrossWave PetPro Multi-Surface Cleaner will vacuum and wash floors (or area carpets) simultaneously. That two-in-one job helps make cleaning a lot more streamlined. The upright cleaner is pretty simple to assemble and get you started pretty quickly.

This unit came with a couple bottles of cleaning formulas. My biggest concerns with any cleaning supplies is a) is it safe to use? and b) is it safe for the environment? Also, how strong is the scent? There are three concentrated cleaning formulas recommended to be used with this machine additional cleaning solutions can purchased through their siteMulti-Surface, Hardwood, and one specific for Area Rugs. As mentioned, the unit came with two solutions. Multi-Surface Formula is ideal for sealed tiles, stone, linoleum, laminate, as well as hardwood floors and area rugs. Our house is all hardwood and stone on the main floor so I've opted to use the Multi-Surface solution. It is recommended to test on a small area to make sure it agrees with the surface before just in case. The liquid formula is poured into a clear tank and mixed with hot tap water before being attached onto the machine. Two measurements are provided right on the tank for cleaning a smaller or larger areas. One full tank can clean up to 700 square feet. While the cleaning mixture automatically is released, you can control additional solutions with a press of a button on the handle for harder to clean areas. It's also easy to switch from surface to surface with a touch on the handle bar. Since the solution is diluted with water, the scent isn't strong at all. There is a light fresh scent that's not overpowering but enough to rid of everyday pet odors! 

Okay, so what about the solution itself? The label says "pet and family safe when used as directed." The ingredient list starts by saying it's greater than 30% water then leads into 5 ingredients listed. It also says "earth friendly formula" with no heavy metals, phosphates, or dyes and the ingredients are biodegradeable. 

This machine also includes a mulit-surface pet brush to help sweep up hair (up to 8 inches and tangle free) and debris but there are additional brushes to have a more targeted clean if you desire. I've found the multi-surface roller works well on the surfaces I'm having to clean. 

The two-in-one cleaning is a time and sanity saver. Simple to use and fast to tackle both jobs that most pet owners would be happy with. It dries fairly quickly thanks to the air flow from the machine and sucks up most the extra soiled liquid after washing pushing it through a filter. The two-part catch dirt tank, separate from the cleaning solution tank is located at the front. It will show you just how much dirt is picked up. The two parts separates hair/fur and dirty water. Not gonna lie, it's pretty gross. But in a strange way, it will give you some satisfaction knowing that it has done its duty. 

While most of the wet solution is sucked back into the machine there is a bit left over but dries fairly quickly so Harley can continue to roam around soon afterwards. But take note! Make sure you clean the water tank, dirty tank, brush and filter after each use. Otherwise all dirty water sits and stinks up pretty fast. I simply rinse every part out and leave it to air dry in after each use. 

What else? The machine also comes with a convenient storage tray that keeps things neat and tidy. Bonus, the company also supports various animal shelters and rescues across the country through their Bissell Pet Foundation. 

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