Marvel pays tribute to the '90s with retro site for 'Captain Marvel'
Monday, February 11, 2019 at 12:19PM
Nicole Batac in Captain Marvel, Entertainment, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Movies, News, Press release
Before there were social media and other more functional sites to help you create a website, there were the likes of Geocities, where you would spend many hours crafting these intricate, kind of gaudy (by today's standards) personal sites. To capture that era of the internet as well as the time Captain Marvel lived in, Marvel created a rather appropriate website to promote the upcoming film.
With the movie set in the '90s, we get a website filled with bright backgrounds, rather liberal use of pixelated GIFs for both words and images, and even the TV spot shown in a faux Real Player (which is cleverly renamed as Kree Player). Scroll down and you even see a site counter and a fake Guest Book. All the information about the movie is there, but it's just presented in a way that would certainly bring you back to the era.
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