Appleā€™s rumoured new MacBook Pros might not come out this year
Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 3:50PM
Nicole Batac in Apple, Apple Macbook Pro, Apple rumours, Leaks, News, Product launch

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Apple has been rumoured to be developing some new MacBook Pros that were set to release later this year. But analyst Ming-Chi Kuo corrected his earlier research note that claims the products will be released this 2019. The new MacBooks, which are said to include 16- and 16.5-inch models as well as a higher spec’d 13-inch model, are expected to come out either in 2020 or 2021. As The Verge points out, the change might make more sense since the current design of the MacBook Pros are barely three years old. However, this iteration has been plagued by design flaws, so it might also make sense for Apple to fast-track its hardware release outside of its normal update cycle to put these issues to rest. What Kuo predicts would still come out this year is a 31.6-inch 6K display with a “Mini LED-like backlight design” for professionals.

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