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Drake tops Apple's 'Best of 2018' charts. Who else made the list?

Apple just released the 'Best of 2018' -- a global collection of top charts of all the amazing things we should see, play, and listen to. From podcasts to audiobooks and from music to apps and more we're definitely curious as to who made the lists and what will make great conversations at the holiday dinner party. Apps that topped the 'paid for' list shocked us included FaceTune, a retouching app to allows users to have flawless skin. Hey, guess it's cheaper than botox. Anyway, here's are the lists...

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Hot Docs to screen RAMS, a portrait of designer Dieter Rams

For over 50 years, Dieter Rams has left an indelible mark on the field of product design and the world at large with his iconic work at Braun and Vitsoe. In this enlightening film Gary Hustwit, director of design docs Helvetica and Design Canada, turns his camera to the notoriously private German artist, profiling his life, career and back-to-basics philosophy that went on to inspire the Apple brand and more. For Rams, design is more tham just an idea -- it's a way of life.

Featuring original music from musician and record producer Brian Eno, Rams is not just a fascinating portrait of an influential genius, but an expansive look at consumerism, sustainability, and how technology is changing human behaviour. 

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Apple's Everyone Can Code initiative offers opportunity for learning to code

Apple has revealed various resources designed to bring coding education through the Everyone Can Code program to even more students around the world. The focus on STEM education and teaching coding to kids gives them a path towards careers or professions in technology. 

Customers can register for thousands of free Hour of Code sessions, available at all Apple Store locations around the world from December 1 through 14.

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Apple's latest holiday ad brings all the feels

Apple has invoked the magic of animation for its latest holiday ad. With some subtle product placements, the clever and whimsical 'Share your Gift' holiday ad. The focus here, beyond buying expensive consumer electronics, is to share your gifts and talents. It's a great message for the season to remind us about what is really important.