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Kitesurfer uses Apple Watch cellular feature to call for help in shark infested waters

A Kitesurfer who wiped-out in shark infested waters was able to use their Apple Watch Series 3 cellular calling feature to send for help by calling the coast guard. A recent Daily Mail report tells the story of kitesurfer John Zilles who crashed into water a mile offshore where sharks have been known to swim. Equipped with just Apple Watch Series 3, Zilles phoned home to let his family know he’d be in late then guided the Coast Guard to his location.

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Apple releases expected battery life for Apple Watch Series 3 when streaming music over LTE

If you’ve ever wondered what you can expect from Apple Watch Series 3 has with the new watchOS 4.1 software just released. This update brings with it the ability to stream Apple Music and Beats 1 over LTE using the new smartwatches. And now we have a quick roundup of what kind of battery life you can expect from the Apple Watch Series 3 models. For one, you get up to 10 hours when you play music from the phone’s built-in storage. If you stream Apple Music via LTE, you’ll get seven hours. Now if you want to stream live radio via LTE and using the new Radio app, you’ll get up to five hours. If you want to take it with you outdoors, you can get up to three hours with streaming audio, LTE, and GPS activated. If you don’t stream audio, you can get up to four hours of use on a single charge.

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Review: Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular

Updated on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 8:47AM by Registered CommenterGadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Note: Author's carrier is TELUS which has yet to provide an ETA on Apple Watch compatibility. A second part to this review, which focuses on the LTE aspect, will follow as soon as the service can be tested.

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Apple Watch Series 3 brings improvements across the board for Apple's smartwatch and wearable. 

The biggest feature is the addition of cellular capability which makes it possible to use the Watch independently of paired iPhones

An embedded SIM card allows users to make phone calls, send SMS or iMessages, query Siri for information  and access Apple Music on demand.

Apple has apparently always wanted the Apple Watch to be able to manage its own connections. It did a great job incorporating Wi-Fi into Apple Watch. I've left my iPhone to charge at home and use the Apple Watch to access my gym's Wi-Fi connection to get notifications, messages and even mail.

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Apple highlights Apple Music streaming on Apple Watch Series 3 in new ad

A new ad for Apple Watch Series 3 brings forward the LTE capabilities of the new smartwatch. The focus is specifically on how you can stream Apple Music right from the wearable without having it connected to an iPhone. The video shows a skateboarder listening to music and performing tricks.

To get this feature to work you’ll need an Apple Music subscription, an iPhone 6 or later, the same service provider for the Watch and iPhone, and wireless service plan. Apple hasn’t said yet how battery life will be affected with streaming music over LTE. But what we know now is it’ll take an hour to drain the Apple Watch’s battery when you use it to call over LTE. According to Apple, the Apple Music streaming feature is coming to Watch Series 3 soon.

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