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The Clean Slate: The Google Pixel Slate Review

Anyone wanting a change from decades-old computing nuances, who is mostly web-based, and who can find Android and Linux apps to suit their needs will love this tablet.

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

The Google Pixel Slate is a fresh new take on what a Google-made tablet can offer in 2018. Tablets have been a part of Google’s Nexus strategy in years past as a great adjunct to smartphones for accessing Google’s services and features.

There have been various generations of Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 tablets as well as the elusive Google Pixel C 2-in-1 which is a natural predecessor of the Pixel Slate. The big switch has been that Android was lousy on tablets, but Chrome OS, that has way more potential.

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Google's Pixel Slate is now available for preorder

Google's second coming of the tablet, the Pixel Slate is starting to become available for preorder (at least for our American readers). Bringing the best of Chrome OS, Android and Linux (under the Crostini-layer that allows Linux apps to run in a container) the Pixel Slate is a powerful tablet-first 2-in-1 that can be used in laptop mode with an optional keyboard case.

Canadian pricing will start at $1,049.99 but can increase considerably for higher performance models as well as when you add the Pen and Keyboard accessories.


The latest 'Made by Google' hardware serves to frame innovative software and services

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

There were few surprises in today's 'Made by Google' event. Many of the devices, including the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, Pixel slate 2-in-1 Chromebook and even the new Chromecast, have been outed in various renders, videos and some have been even sold before hand.

The surprises, however, came in the form of software and services which make these devices potential game changers in their specific categories.

The new Pixel 3 smartphones look like mild refinements from last year's duo of impressive devices. This time around they improve on camera hardware as well as feature innovative computational features to ensure the best photo by taking shots even before the shutter is pressed. The new Top Shot feature, which debuts on the Pixels 3, shoot multiple HDR+ shots to ensure you can capture a great image. The new Pixels also promise impressive low-light photography and zoom. Pixel 3 also brings IP68 water and dust resistance.

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Google's unreleased Pixel Slate 2-in-1 marks its return to tablets

Almost every product expected from Google's upcoming fall event has been leaked in detail. One interesting item is its new Chromebook tablet. Codenamed 'Nocturne' this black tablet marks Google's return to the form factor after abandoning it years ago with the Pixel C.

This time around their tablet will reportedly run Chrome OS but will also possibly be able to run Windows 10 apps. There's a lot of synergy emerging between Microsoft's Windows 10 and Android lately that anything is possible. A somewhat affordable Chrome-powered tablet that can shapeshift into a Windows 10 machine (when paired with a keyboard case) could be a killer education product. We don't have to wait long as Google will unveil all its goodies tomorrow.