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Head down music memory lane with Spotify’s 2018 Wrapped

Spotify has taken off the wraps of its 2018 Wrapped feature. If you’re unfamiliar with it, this annual feature shows its users what music and podcasts they’ve enjoyed over the past year on the service. (In my case, it showed the amount of times, I’ve listened to Shawn Mendes this year.) It’s a fun, shareable infographic that shows what songs, artists, and genres have dominated your account this 2018. At the same time, you get a playlist of your top 100 songs of the year as well as a new Tastebreakers playlist that shows artists and music that should be on your radar. Tastebreakers is based off of the music you listen to. 

This year, Spotify is even sharing some of its listeners Wrapped data in prominent places, like Times Square or London’s Piccadilly Circus. Artists also have a chance to see which of their songs were the most popular by month, total hours of music streamed by fans, and other information.

Source: TechCrunch


Spotify reveals users funny and odd listening habits of 2018

Spotify’s out-of-home Wrapped campaign is here and we get to see some of the quirky listening habits of its users. Like how one user is listening to a “clam meditation” instead of a calm one to get through the year. This campaign is going to be launched across digital and social platforms and puts the spotlight on 50 artists including Ariana Grande, Post Malone, and Shakira. The campaign will be coming to different countries like Canada, Australia, the US, Brazil, and the UK. According to June Sauvaget, global head of consumer marketing for Spotify, the Wrapped campaign is a “true representation” of the company’s proposition to be a “platform for discovery.” It’s also the brand’s way of saying “thank you” to its users for its impact on shaping the platform this past year.

Some of the fun takeaways from the campaign include “3,754 Laurel playlists created vs. 1,059 Yanny playlists created” and for users God is definitely a woman with God is a woman fan-made playlists numbered at 28,802, while there are nine playlists that claim God is a man. Also, someone made an “Its [sic] the royal wedding tomorrow!!!” playlist 22 days after the wedding.

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Spotify gets official Apple Watch app

The long-awaited Spotify app for the Apple Watch is now live. It’ll give Apple Watch users an easier way to navigate the app as well as make it easier to connect to other devices via Spotify Connect. It’ll let you play or stop music and podcasts, skip tracks, rewind a podcast by 15 seconds, favorite tracks, and access music playlists and other recently played tracks. You’ll need to have the latest version of Spotify (v.8.4.79) to gain access to the app. But you may or may not have access to it just yet as the company says it’ll be rolling out in the coming week. You can also expect features, like playing music and podcasts offline, at a later date.


Spotify is testing out a new timeline feature to help promote new releases

While helpful, the Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists on Spotify are rather limited resources for new music. Looking for new releases on the streaming service is somewhat a tedious process. It’s still a couple of taps away and as The Verge points out, these aren’t as attuned to your listening habits (although the redesign of the app for Premium users might be a step in the right direction). But a new feature Spotify is testing out with some users might change that. It could also be the service’s answer to helping promote new releases.

There’s a new “What's New” section that collates new releases in a timeline of sorts. Spotify confirms the existence of this test and says they are “always testing new ways to create better listening experiences for more users, while continuing to find ways to connect artists to their fans.” Whether this gets a wider release is something we don’t know yet. But as a music lover and heavy user of the service, I’d like to see this one for myself.