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Review: Dyson Pure Cool Link tower relieves allergy sufferers

By Sonya Davidson

It's the season of awakening. The trees are full of life again and flowers are blooming. The pesky dandelions were golden yellow but are now starting to go airborne with their white lashes floating in the air. Pretty, sure. Pretty uncomfortable is how I feel.  I'm sneezing and my eyes are itchy and reaching for allergy meds is when I get desperate for sleep.

This time of year when pollen is in the air usually means I need to keep the windows closed most of the time to minimize the allergens from entering the home the best I can. Not an easy thing to do especially when the house has been shuttered during the cold months of winter. But my family doctor had strongly given me this advice so I don't have to suffer as much.

When Dyson recently introduced the Pure Cool Link Tower I was interested for obvious reason. Having tested it out for a couple of weeks it's been handy to help lessen my crazy cooking odors.  I had made a few notes particularly for allergy suffers like myself and my family. 

First off, this is not only sleekly designed cooling fan but it also includes a Hepa Air Purifier that removes and traps allergens and pollutants in the home. Something us allergy sufferers are happy to hear. There is enough research out there on Hepa filters that we know this technology works. 

I had placed the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower on the main floor of my house. Depending on the square footage you have to work with, a multi-story house could easily use one on each floor. I would even go so far as to add one in the bedroom of a serious allergy sufferer. It's quiet enough to sleep with it on. 

This model is also the latest to add to your smart home technology. While you can control everything with the remote it comes with, you can also control the fan speed, mode, and even scheduling when to turn it off an on while your home or away all with the Dyson app.

What I find beneficial about the app is that it also let's you know about the air quality inside your house as well as informing you of the current temperature and percentage of humidity. Not only does it tell you in the moment but also keeps track should you be interested in seeing if the Pure Cool Link Tower is making a difference. When air quality levels starts picking up some allergens or pollutants, you can see the air purifier do it's work. An interesting finding is the ability for the app to inform you of the allergens surrounding your location - while there was no registered traces yet, I am assuming that it's like a crowd sourcing and collecting of data within a range that would be giving the read. At this time, it may be too new to gather enough data so I've been checking back every so often. 

The Pure Cool Link Tower can also be set to auto mode according to your needs and sensitivities to allergens and pollutants. It can also be set into various modes including purifying, manual and night. 

The air filter itself has a 4300 hour life and the app can also keep track and notify you when it's time to change. Looks simple enough for me to do. However, you must reset the app after changing. 

I can see that it's not just for allergy sufferers but can also help in removing pet dander, mould spores in the air as well as keeping any other airborne discomforts in check.


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