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Review: Papago! GoSafe 268 mirror mounted dash-cam

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Dash-cams are a very viable and low-cost product worth considering if you want to add some tracking and security to your daily commute. Not only do they provide HD quality footage that may be admitted as evidence in the event of a collision or accident, they also act as deterrents to some would-be thieves. The Papago! GoSafe 268 is a clever turn on the dash cam, since it is also a rear view mirror, which means it doesn't take up valuable dash or windshield space.

Papago! has been at the forefront of affordable dash-cam technology and has iterated their models with a steady increase of features and capabilities. The GoSafe 268 uses class-leading Sony Exmor Sensor and a high quality glass lens.

GoSafe 268 uses the latest technology that allows for users to store more footage on a 64GB MicroSD card. Record footage or take pictures while parked or as a 24 hour surveillance monitor, pre-installed Stop & Go feature, and get the best video day or night with 7 levels of EV values.

Out of the box, the GoSafe 268 looks just like any quality aftermarket rearview mirror. It is definitely something I would consider using, even without the camera component. I installed it in my VW Cabrio and was surprised at how much more visual information I could get with it, increased angle of vision plus a clear look at my son while he's seated in the back seat.

While it is larger than the windshield-mounted mirror, the GoSafe 268 doesn't add much bulk. The lens angle is easily adjusted vertically and horizontally so that you capture the most optimal view of the road. Papago! has once again decided to use a rather large and bulky miniUSB cable to power and charge the camera, the thickness of the cable provided, made it impossible to hide it in the seams of my car and run it to the battery charger. Instead, I had to simply connect it directly to the charger while it hung from the dash cam.

This was not an ideal scenario. The cable kept falling off (because it was heavy) and having it swinging was a distraction. I've opted to order a thinner miniUSB cable and will see if that is something that can be easily merged into the car. While I love many of Papago!'s products, I don't agree with their insistence on using miniUSB, specially when microUSB has long been the industry standard.


Once installed, the GoSafe 268 seems pretty much like standard equipment except for the fact that it conceals a high-tech video camera at the rear. The 135° wide angle F2.0 lens captures a lot of information and is generally good for most lighting conditions.

I also liked the driver assist features, including stop sign recognition which gives an audible beep when a sign is 'seen'. I found this to be a helpful feature in school zones or areas where stopping is essential for safety, it also does a great job of spotting the Stop signs ahead of time giving you ample time to reach and slow down.

The Stop and Go feature, which aids drivers in moving once the car in front has started to move, helps with distracted driving or fatigue when we're not paying attention of what's happening ahead. The dash cam also has a G sensor that will save an emergency recording when it thinks you’ve been in an accident. These are great added features, specially for older cars.


The Papago! GoSafe 268 mirror mounted is one of the most innovative dash cam solutions in the market that can easily be integrated into any current vehicle. Aside from above average HD video footage and audio recording, it offers 24-hour surveillance for cars, motion detection and some key driver assistive features that were only available in newer high-end vehicles. Not bad at all for a unit with an SRT of less than $150.00.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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