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Review: UAG Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Book

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

The UAG Rugged Case for the Microsoft Surface Book is like Hulkbuster armour for your Book. Adding military spec protection to Microsoft's premiere 2-in-1 notebook. Here's my take on what this case has to offer.

Since I switched from MacBook Pro to Surface Book in December, I've bemoaned the general lack of accessories for Microsoft's flagship mobile computing product. While I did find a neat plastic cover on Amazon, I only used it when I had to lug the Surface Book to day-long events, trips or conferences.

I always had my eye on the Urban Armor Gear (UAG) case which seems to offer comprehensive protection with hard plastic and bonded rubber parts. I liked that the case offers complete protection and even has a clever Surface Pen holder.

I've used UAG's cases on Samsung Phones and iPhones and they've added maximum protection without impacting the weight and thickness that much. Designed to work with the Surface Book's 2-in-1 design and its Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge the UAG Rugged Case might just be what you need for work or school.

Fit and finish

Installing the UAG Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Book requires some elbow grease. This case, after all, is designed to fit like second skin. You need to detach the display of the Surface Book, pop it into the top case and slide it in to ensure all the ports are accessible.

The keyboard base just snaps nicely into the bottom part of the case and putting it all back together is generally easy.

The UAG Rugged Case bulks up the Surface Book but it also protects it. Opening the hinge also raises the keyboard and angles the display in a more ergonomic angle than without the case.

The rugged bumpers around the display protect the most vital parts of the Surface Book while some rubber tabs ensure that the Surface Book is locked when closed. UAG has done a great job allowing the necessary vents to breathe and none of the ports are obstructed.

What you get, aside from overall protection form dents or scratches when you carry Surface Book in a bag is Military Spec drop protection. The Surface Book is impeccably designed and can survive a lot, but if you use it on the field or are out and about away from home, office or school then this is definitely an accessory to consider.

Unfortunately, the UAG Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Book accentuates the flaws of the Surface Book's design, mainly that the display half is heavy. The Rugged Case adds considerable weight and will cause the screen to fall forward even more if you're not using it on a flat surface.


  • Rugged and complete protection for Surface Book (without performance base)
  • Well designed, durable and offers drop resistance
  • Surface Pen holder
  • Dual Lock Screen Closure


  • Bulks up Surface Book
  • A bit tricky to install and remove


      UAG has brought quality build and materials of its popular smartphone cases to Microsoft's Surface Book. The UAG Rugged Case gives the Surface Book added protection from day-to-day use, it has a convenient Surface Pen holder and is also designed for use in tablet or notebook mode. It is the best protection available for the Surface Book and ideal for anyone who takes their device everywhere and doesn't mind the extra bulk and weight.


Rating: 4 out of 5


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