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Microsoft announces Independence Pack DLC for ‘State of Decay 2’

With State of Decay 2 hitting an important milestone, Microsoft announced that Undead Labs has released a new Independence Pack DLC for US$4.99 or free if you get the State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition for US$49.99. Xbox Game Pass members get a 10 percent discount on the Independence Pack. The DLC introduces new weapons, vehicles, supplies, and fireworks and is available for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. You can see the full list of new items under the cut:

  • Take the PyrohawkBurninator, or Meatwagon out for a spin. With names like these, you know driving will be more entertaining.
  • Step up to your station at the BBQ with The Freedom RingerGrillmeister, and BBQ Fork—new hand-held zed-slaying solutions.
  • Subtlety not your thing? Well we have the Pyro Launcher and Starshank Launcher so you can blast zombies with fiery explosives.
  • Just like loud noises with pretty colors? You’re in luck! The Block RockerReign o’ FireBouncing Boris, and XL Firework Shell offer even more options to turn a mission into a celebration.
  • The new Fireworks Crafting Station facility mod crafts additional fireworks or ammunition for your fancy new fireworks launchers. Also keep an eye out for a new wandering trader hosting a fire sale on these explosive new goodies. That’s right, a good ole traditional fireworks sale.

On top off the new DLC, Undead Labs is also releasing a free update called Update 2.0, which adds 20 new missions, close to 10 new weapons, and a rare books trader. Come September there will also be another DLC pack called Daybreak, which turns you into a “well-equipped Red Talon soldier.” You’ll have what Undead Labs describe as a “challenging objective” to complete while trying to protect your fortified position against “waves of zombies and freaks” so you can earn new rewards and weapons. If you get the Ultimate Edition, this DLC will be available to you for free.

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