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Payment Source and Canada Revenue launch In-Person Tax Payments at 6,000 Canada Post outlets 

Payment Source, Canada's premier alternative payment provider, announced an expansion of its relationship with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that enables Canadians to make tax payments from any of the country's 6,000+ Canada Post locations. Beginning this year, CRA remittance forms for T1 taxes will contain an embedded QR code, powered by Payment Source's Loadhub technology. When scanned, these codes allow Canadians to make their tax payments in-person using cash or debit at any Canada Post location across the country.

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Amazon Cash allows adding cash to Amazon balance through 6,000 Canada Post locations

Amazon.ca announced the launch of Amazon Cash, a new service that lets customers add cash to their Amazon Balance at more than 6,000 physical Canada Post locations around the country, with more partners being added regularly.

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PayPal and Canada Post announce integrated payment and shipping solution

Great news for small businesses in Canada, PayPal Canada and Canada Post announced a new integrated payment and shipping solution for solopreneurs, small businesses and casual sellers. This integration aims to make e-commerce more easily accessible for entrepreneurs and small businesses including 83 per cent of Canadian small and mid-sizes businesses that currently do not sell online.

Before the launch of this solution, sellers would receive orders, often write the labels manually and then visit a Canada Post retail outlet to ship the parcels. With this new integrated payment and shipping solution, online sellers can track their orders, print shipping labels and pay for shipping seamlessly using their PayPal account. This new functionality automatically sends tracking information and delivery confirmation alerts to both the seller and the customer once a shipping label is created.


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Mastercard and Canada Post launches Cash Passport

Globetrotters have a new way to travel with less worry about how much cash they have in their pockets. Mastercard and Canada Post recently launched Cash Passport, a simplified and secured way to help pay for purchases abroad. This latest tap card offers more control of travel budget by locking in foreign currency exchange rates in advance so travellers don't have to worry about currency fluctuations.

In addition, the pre-loaded Cash Passport card can hold up to seven currencies at one time giving travellers the flexibility to travel through various countries without having to think about exchange rates throughout the trip. The card will also automatically select the next available currency if you have insufficient funds of the currency you need. The card also holds fixed ATM fees and no transaction fees on international purchases.

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