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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 represents the apex of today’s flagship smartphone market in many ways. The overall design remains generally unchanged from last year’s Note 8 offering, but Samsung’s highlighted various areas for dramatic improvement. Read my full review below.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 likely coming in August with updated Bixby features

There's still nothing quite like the Samsung Galaxy S9 in terms of power, size and functionality specially when you consider the SPen lacks any analogs or competing products. Reports say the Galaxy Note 9 will be launched by August and while it will look very similar to the Note 8, it will likely have updated specs and migth introduce a new and improved Bixby personal assistant.

The Bloomberg report says an event will be held in New Yotk to launch the device which will also have a brand new Qualcomm processor and improved camera hardware and functionality. What features do you want the next Note device to feature?

Source: 9to5Google