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Google Assistant will soon alert you if it thinks your flight will be delayed

With the help of machine learning and historical flight status data, Google Assistant might soon alert you if your flight is going to be delayed. It’ll be able to do so with an 85 percent confidence rate. Right now Google Flights can do this for you, but soon you’ll be able to ask Google Assistant to check if your flight is going to arrive on time or what the status of your flight is. It will be able to tell you things like the reason for the delay. What Google has over its competition is it could predict a delay. Sites like FlightAware can actually do this for you but this would at least simplify the process.

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Google Assistant adds new features, including Pretty Please functionality

Google is hoping to help remind your children to remember their “please” and “thank you” with the latest update to Assistant. The Pretty Please feature, which was first announced at Google I/O, is now live as an optional functionality on your Google Assistant. If you say these two magic phrases (“please” or “thank you”) to Assistant, Google says it’ll respond with “delightful responses.” For example, say something like “Hey Google, please set a timer for 5 minutes.” It’ll reply “Thanks for asking so nicely. Alright, 5 minutes. Starting now.” It’ll be enabled for all voice matched users (those who have their voices registered with the app) and it’ll work with both the smart displays and speakers.

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Google Assistant launching more family-friendly experiences in Canada today

Google Assistant which powers the Google Home speakers is introducing new, family-friendly experiences for Google Assistant, launching today in Canada, with a number of them from top Canadian brands.

Designed specifically for families with kids, the new experiences help families learn, play and imagine together. Hit jump for all the new experiences coming to Google Assistant.

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Google Assistant gets Siri Shortcuts support on iOS

If you’ve been looking for a less clunky way to access Google Assistant on your iPhone, the newest update to the app might help you out a bit. The latest version of Google Assistant gets support for Apple’s Shortcuts app. This app lets you program a list of tasks to perform based on a programmed vocal phrase on Siri or via a shortcut on your homescreen. Now, you can use the Shortcuts app to open Google Assistant app with a phrase. You can, for example, program it to open Google Assistant with the phrase, “Hey Google.” So, the next time you say, “Hey Siri, Hey Google,” it’ll open the app for you. And then you can speak your voice commands to Google. While not the most elegant solution, as GSMArena points out, it does take out the middle man of sorts. It’s definitely better than saying, “Hey Siri, open Google Assistant” and then having to go say, “Hey Google” all over again.